Dr. Chris Gains, Superintendent of the Mehlville School District, sent out an email this afternoon to the communities of Mehlville and Oakville.

A copy of the email can be seen below:

Dear Mehlville and Oakville Communities:

Last night the Mehlville R-9 School District Board of Education voted to place Proposition R on the ballot this November. Prop R asks voters for an increase in the district’s operating tax levy of 49 cents.

In order to fully fund the strategic plan the district would need an additional 85 cents. Voter surveys in May revealed less than 40% approval for a 70 cent levy. August surveys, however, showed nearly 60% approval at 45 cents. Based on a 49 cent levy, we have outlined the following priorities aligned with the Mehlville Strategic Plan. This proposal does not solve our financial needs, but it is an important step forward.

Student Preparation
Add 16 certified positions to assist struggling students.
Professional development for teachers and administrators.
Restore technology funds cut in the spring of 2015.
Restore school supplies cut in the spring of 2015.
Restore student clubs cut in the spring of 2015.
Teacher Support
Restore textbook and instructional support materials to 2004-2005 levels.
Continuous Classroom Improvement training.
Effective & Efficient
Gather feedback from the community in a systematic manner.
Unfortunately, language in state statute prevents the district from restoring free transportation for students living within a mile with Proposition R. It is my intent, however, to restore free transportation if growth in our Basic Formula, Transportation, and Prop C revenues can support it.

In my brief time in the district I have met some outstanding students, parents, patrons, teachers and support staff. It is my honor to serve as your superintendent of schools.

Please check our website for more information on Proposition R.

Dr. Chris Gaines
Mehlville School District Superintendent