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Popeyes discussion of Oakville Residents UNITE Facebook Group

A new Popeye’s restaurant, under construction near I-55 and Butler Hill Road, is scheduled to open in 30-60 days according to John Drury, Director of Construction at Mid-America Hotels Corporation.  In a telephone interview, Mr. Drury stated that rumors of the building being for rent and construction halted were “false” and everything was progressing as planned.

Mid-America Hotel Corporation owns the land on which the property is being built in addition to the neighboring Hampton Inn Suits and soon to be built Holiday Inn Express.  The new Holiday Inn Express is replacing the former Holiday Inn that is currently under demolition.

The site of the former Holiday Inn was recently re-zoned to allow for 3 facilities instead of just the hotel.   The zoning request St. Louis County Planning sought the addition of a new hotel, medical facility and restaurant.  When asked about what type of restaurant Mr. Drury stated that no one has come forward seeking to occupy the space at this time.

Mid-America Hotel Corporation also owns Popeyes and Burger King franchises through out the mid-west and is the franchisee for the new location.

We mentioned to Mr. Drury that some people the Oakville and Mehlville area were interested in a Trader Joe’s or Whole foods based on comments from Social Media.  We asked if some of the other parcels neat the Hampton Inn and the new Popeyes were possibly available for development of either business but he again stated that neither of those companies had approached them with a interest in developing on those sites.

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